A Teacher is one who not only imparts knowledge but also teaches us the various aspects of life. The Teacher is a second parent to a child. Amatir has a highly educated and experienced faculty that takes care of students in the School as well as in the Hostel.
Teachers in the hostel have been inducted into various profiles like the House Mistress, Assistant House Mistress, Tutor, Hostel Supervisor, Hostel Coordinator. Students in the hostel have been divided class wise into five wings. Two teachers - a House Mistress and an Assistant House Mistress, assigned to each wing, take care of physical, mental, emotional and moral development of the students.

Computer Lab

Amatir has a well-equipped computer lab with a projector. A Broadband internet connection enables the students in their research work. Computer education is introduced to students from grade 3rd onwards as part of the curriculum as well as a tool to perform activity oriented tasks. Students use technology to collaborate with other school students from various countries.


Amatir has a well-stocked spacious library where 50 students can sit and study simultaneously. There are more than 5000 books in our library in both the genre, Fiction like historical fiction, science fiction, realistic fiction and Non-fiction like biographies, poems & drama, informational and traditional literature.

Science Labs

The institution has well equipped science labs with modern apparatus and appliances for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The various mysteries of science are unraveled in these laboratories through experiments and practical experiences.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics lab at Amatir helps take fear of Math subject out of the minds of students by making concepts fun to learn and easy to understand with the help of Maths kits. Highly recognized ‘Jodo Gyan’ kits are used for the primary classes.

Language Lab

Amatir understands the importance of English language in today’s global environment and lays special emphasis on listening, speaking, writing and reading skills for our girl students. Our language lab is equipped with the latest software for learning English language and is proving to be game changer especially for those girls who have very weak foundation in the English language.


Amatir has two playgrounds of 6 acres and 2 acres each where in students play sports during the school hours and get coaching in Athletics, Handball, Volleyball, Football, Judo, Martial Arts in the evening by highly qualified sports instructors. Our students have represented our school at state and national level in these sports. Girls also play games like Table Tennis, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Badminton and various indoor games like chess, carom board and computer games. Sports students are provided extra diet to meet their additional calories requirement.
Haryana sports department has allocated three sports nurseries in the school starting from session 2018-19, namely, Athletics, Handball and Boxing. .

Co-Curricular Activities

Dance - Contemporary and Classical dance forms are taught. Our students haveparticipated in inter school as well as state level competitions.
Theater - Our students are trained by an artist from “Ashmita Theater Group” for stage-plays and “Nukkad Nataks”. These plays are performed in various villages and schools conveying message on various social issues. “Inquilab”, our theatre group, achieved the feat of performing 100th street play on 7th Jan 2018.
Art - Qualified teachers hone the drawing skills of our girls in various forms of paintings. Children creations reflect vastness of their creativity leaving us speechless. The strokes and the color combinations are inspiring and compel us to think.
Paper Recycling - Girls at Amatir practice recycling in its true spirit by processing lots of old paper in our self-developed paper recycling unit.
Quilling - Amatir Students have mastered the art of making jewellery using thick paper sheets. Their creations are always admired by all the guests, students and teachers.
Vocal Music - Our students learn classical vocal music and participate in various concerts & programs for showcasing their talent.
Instrumental Music - Instruments like Violin, Tabla, Synthesizer and Sitar are taught to our students.
Cooking - Amatir girls learn to cook variety of cuisines and condiments like Pickles, Jam and Sauce. They also learn to pack their products and use preservatives for longer shelf life.